What I Learned at My Own Reading

2014-12-14 15.46.43

I was recently honored to be invited to read from my novel-in-progress at a showcase of local artists at The City Library in Salt Lake City and was reminded of two things writers know, but which bear repeating:

1) Even though you think you “hear” your sentences as you silently type them into your laptop, there is nothing like a microphone and an auditorium full of living, breathing people to make you really hear your sentences in all their wild, imperfect glory.

2) Even though you write for an imagined ideal reader–some exquisitely smart, sensitive person who “gets” your humor, your pathos, your whole artistic vision–when total strangers walk up after a reading and say they connected to your characters and want to know how they can read the rest of the story, it feels disarming and almost miraculous.

Thanks to The Salt Lake City Library and everyone for coming out and supporting our local arts scene!